2018 – The Year for Healthy Growth

You’re starved. You order the large meat lovers. You only need 2 slices, but you eat the whole pizza. The next day is tough and you knew it would happen. Habits like these are unhealthy and can often lead to terrible consequences.

Funding your Buy Here Pay Here dealership is much the same. History suggests that leveraging the business too deeply through excessive borrowing can be unhealthy if not deadly. Dealers need to retain part of their portfolio to fund the business and protect for the unknown.

The real estate industry taught us in 2008 that extending too much debt can be catastrophic. With high debt to equity ratios, the down turn in the economy caused one of the worse economic periods many of us will ever experience. Bloomberg, Equifax, and the Financial Times have all warned that automotive could be the next financial crisis.

There is something you can do – “Healthy Growth”. Just like the pizza example, take only what you need when it comes to funding your business. Find a capital provider that knows your business and can help you stay healthy. SDA is the most experienced capital provider in the Buy Here Pay Here industry and have tailored funding solutions for thousands of dealers. In fact, at SDA, the objective is to work with dealers to help them build wealth.

“We work with our dealers to make sure they are in a program that offers smart and healthy growth”, said Gary Page, CEO of SDA Inc. “In fact, our sales team is so good at crafting the right solution for our dealers – we lose very few dealers”, said Page. A major advantage is that SDA can support multiple capital solutions from income streams and shared payments to lines of credit – unlike most capital providers who specialize in “one size fits all”.

SDA takes a long-term approach to providing capital for our customers and as a result we have long term relationships with our dealers. For over 27 years, we have helped dealers optimize their operation for both profitability and “Healthy Growth”.

Customer Loyalty – It’s NOT about the Best Price

If recent research is accurate, loyal customers provide 60-70% of annual revenues.  Traditionally, Buy Here Pay Here dealers invest most of their time and a significant part of their budget towards marketing and acquiring new customers.  If you consider these facts, we may be misallocating precious time and money.

Bain & Co reported that a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a dealer’s profitability by as much as 75%.  We all know that retaining customers is much cheaper than acquiring new customers but is this reflected in our actions and budget?  According to this same research, customers who are satisfied are 67% more likely to buy again and are less focused on price.

Customers become loyal primarily through service.  These simple suggestions may help you build loyal customers:

  • Consider loyalty programs – invest in benefits for paying on time and repeat purchases.
  • Reward referrals – customers are 77% more likely to visit a dealer as a result of a family or friend referral.
  • Focus on service through a friendly and simple payment process. Take the time to get to know your customers.  Greet them by name.

At SDA, we provide Buy Here Pay Here dealers with capital to grow their business.  We also encourage our dealers to maintain the customer relationships and continue to build on those relationships by collecting payments directly – not through a third party.  Call SDA to learn how our 25+ years of experience can help you grow your business, keep your customers, and drive higher profits.