Programs For Capital

For over three decades, SDA, Inc. has provided capital to qualified Buy Here, Pay Here (BHPH) dealers across America.  All of SDA’s programs have a single denominator–the dealer continues to collect from its customers.

SDA funds money on BHPH receivables and lets dealers continue to collect from their customers. Dealers get the capital they need to grow their business without the negative consequences of selling off their notes. SDA thoroughly understands the BHPH industry and will structure a program designed to meet the dealer’s cash flow needs. Below are some of our more popular programs:

Income Stream Program™: With SDA’s Income Stream Program, the dealer selects the accounts to send to SDA for cash. SDA will calculate how much the accounts will pay for 3 months up to 24 months based on the term of the accounts and your account needs. SDA advances the dealer up to 90% of the total payments while dealer continues to collect its customer’s payments.

Payment Sharing Program: With SDA’s Payment Sharing Program, SDA will buy your accounts up front, accelerating your time to recover the cost of the vehicle. You continue to service the account and collect payments while you maintain contact with your customers, meaning you can sell them more cars in the future and handle their service work.  SDA’s Payment Sharing Program is an ideal way for you to raise capital without giving up control of your customer base. Dealers keep 100% of the down-payment and continue to collect the customer’s payments. SDA advances 50% of the amount financed (principal amount) and we collect 50% of payments due from each customers’ payments.

Auction Cost Recovery:  This SDA program shortens the break-even point for your accounts as the funding is based on accelerating the time to recover your auction cost.  This program is ideal for high volume dealers interested in reducing the “days on the street” and maximizing the funding amount.  Auction Cost Recovery (ACR) typically advances the auction cost of the vehicle with longer terms providing dealers with positive cash flow.