Darla Booher

“I have been doing business with SDA for approximately nine years. The difference with SDA is they are small enough to give me individual dealer attention, but large enough to handle all my capital needs. Their service is extremely fast and efficient. I have never had to wait on funding of a vehicle. SDA’s staff mostly have been long term employees that are personable, competent, and efficient. I am grateful for the wonderful opportunity to work with SDA. They allow me to do what I do best…sell cars and collect money!”
–Darla Booher, Greer, SC

“The team at SDA has tremendous integrity and consistently delivers on their promises.  As one of America’s largest vintage Vette dealers, it takes a lot of capital to fund my business and it gives me peace of mind to know that I can count on SDA to support my needs.” —Greg R.

“When I needed capital to grow my business, SDA was there.  Great service by people who truly understand the BHPH industry.” —Rick J.

SDA funds my draws fast, and the team really gives me great service.  When other finance companies call, I just tell them “no thanks”…I’ve already got SDA!”  —Bill B.

“I’ve been an SDA customer for over 10 years and it is really nice to deal with the same reliable people over and over again.  They always deliver for me.”  — Mike R.

“It took two years for SDA to get my business, but once I made the switch, I wondered why I had waited so long!  There truly is a difference in the way SDA does business.”  —Steve B.

Before I started doing the Income Stream Program with SDA, I’d sell off my accounts and the collectors would tick off my customers, plus, I’d lose the chance the sell them a car in the future.  SDA leaves the collections to me, which has significantly increased my collection rate while allowing me to upsell customers into newer cars down the road.  I’m selling more cars and building a bigger portfolio as a result, which has been great for my business.”  — Randy J.