How Successful BHPH Dealers Build Their Business

If you were to ask 1,000 BHPH dealers what one suggestion they would give to other dealers wanting to build their business…most would say “have access to capital”. Yes, it does take money to make money – especially in the BHPH industry. The average ACV has gone up $1,200 the past 2 years, while down payments decreased $117. [Read more…]

SDA Lets You Raise Capital, Keep Your Customers

The credit crunch from several years ago appears to have subsided somewhat as many new companies have surfaced in the subprime auto industry. Compared to six years ago the sources of capital have flip flopped. Upwards of $1 billion of new capital has entered the business in the last three years. In the long term this may not be totally positive – the increased competition has allowed some traditional buy-here, pay-here customers to drive new cars. [Read more…]

Keep those BHPH Customers paying at your Lot!

Studies show that almost 50% of dealership sales are from repeat and referral business.  Savvy dealers really get to know their customer base — because those same customers will bring them more customers!  Buy Here-Pay Here (BHPH) dealers  work hard to bring customers to their lot — why would any BHPH dealer disrupt that valuable customer interaction? [Read more…]