Keep those BHPH Customers paying at your Lot!

Studies show that almost 50% of dealership sales are from repeat and referral business.  Savvy dealers really get to know their customer base — because those same customers will bring them more customers!  Buy Here-Pay Here (BHPH) dealers  work hard to bring customers to their lot — why would any BHPH dealer disrupt that valuable customer interaction?

Outsourcing your collection efforts by either selling off your accounts or hiring a third party to collect the accounts may not be the smartest idea.

Dealers do all they can to KEEP their customers — not give them away.

The tricky part is trying to feed a cash hungry machine called buy here-pay here and build your customer base at the same time.

For over 25 years SDA has been the answer for dealers nationwide who want to control their customer base yet need to occasionally raise cash to keep their BHPH business growing.

SDA allows dealers to continue collecting their accounts and build their loyal customer base — unlike other buy here-pay here capital providers.