SDA Provides Funding To Dealers

Small Dealers Assistance (SDA) in Atlanta has been a consistent capital provider to the buy-here, pay here industry nationwide for over two decades. In addition to being one of the oldest, most established, suppliers of capital to the buy-here, pay-here industry, SDA pays the highest advance in the industry – up to 90 percent. SDA provides the money that buy here, pay-here dealers need without the negative consequences usually associated with selling your accounts. SDA provides dealers capital from $10,000 to over several million and always lets the dealer continue to collect their notes. SDA’s Income Stream Program is the ideal method for buy-here, pay-here dealers to raise capital without giving up control of their customer base. SDA can help dealers upgrade their inventory, expand a new or existing lot, or load up on inventory prior to tax season. To find out how SDA can provide your buy-here, pay-here dealership capital visit or call (800) 467-5172.