Turn Your Notes Into Cash

SDA was one of the early pioneers of the Income Stream Program, and many of our customers have streamed their accounts with us for years. Under the Income Stream Program, we buy your accounts and advance you up to 90% of the payment stream on those accounts on typical terms as short as 3 months up to 24 months. You pay SDA directly and continue to collect from your customers. When you have paid back our advance, you get your accounts back so you can earn the profitability and interest income in your portfolio.

We also offer our Payment Sharing Program where we buy your accounts up front, but you get to service them and keep the customer relationship.  With Payment Sharing, you get capital up front and get to keep up to half of each payment.  Break-even occurs much faster and you can grow the dealership quicker with up front capital.

To manage your BHPH business, it is important that you know how much capital you have. We can structure credit lines and limits for our dealers so they can operate their businesses with the peace of mind that capital will be there for them when they need it.

Because SDA is owned and managed by the same great people that founded the company over two decades ago, we are completely flexible on structuring relationships that work especially for you. Some auto finance providers make you fit within their box, but we customize our programs to meet your needs so you’re never boxed in with SDA!

If turning your accounts into cash is important to your BHPH business, but maintaining collection control of your customers is equally important to you, then SDA could be the perfect solution to do both. Click “Contact Us” to learn more about all our finance programs and one of our veteran representatives will contact you promptly.